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How to: with the jsondoc-maven-plugin

You can use the jsondoc-maven-plugin to generate the documentation and save it to a static text file. In this case the plugin will generate a file containing the documentation in json format, ready to be used in the jsondoc-ui or in your custom documentation viewer. Here is how to declare and use the plugin in your project:

		<playgroundEnabled>true</playgroundEnabled> <!-- optional -->
		<displayMethodAs>URI</displayMethodAs> <!-- optional -->

And in a terminal:

mvn jsondoc:generate

The scanner configuration property is useful if you want to use a different implementation of the JSONDocScanner interface. Currently there is offical support for three implementations:

  • org.jsondoc.core.scanner.DefaultJSONDocScanner
  • org.jsondoc.springmvc.scanner.Spring3JSONDocScanner
  • org.jsondoc.springmvc.scanner.Spring4JSONDocScanner

See Configuration for more information about how to configure the plugin.

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