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JSONDoc has some mandatory configuration properties, needed to get it to work properly, and some optional ones, used to customize it.

Mandatory configuration properties

version The version of your API
basePath The base path of your API, for example http://localhost:8080
packages The list of packages that JSONDoc will scan to look for annotated classes to be documented

Optional configuration properties

playgroundEnabled Whether the playground should be enabled in the UI or not. Defaults to true. Allowed values: true, false
displayMethodAs Whether to display methods as URIs or with a short description (summary attribute in the @ApiMethod annotation) or with the java method name. Allowed values are URI, SUMMARY, METHOD. Defaults to URI. For example, if displayMethodAs is set to URI, on the UI there will be something like /books/{id}. If it is set to SUMMARY, on the UI there will be something like Gets a book with the given ID. If it is set to METHOD, on the UI there will be something like findBookById.

Version 1.2.23 | Licensed under MIT License

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