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Is this project active? (short answer)
Is this project active? (medium answer)
Yes, it's slowly growing and improving.
Is this project active? (long answer)

Yes, but, as always it's not so simple. So here is the long story, read it before wondering why the growth of this project is not the expected one.

I started developing JSONDoc in a weekend, in summer 2012. I built it because in one of my previous companies I spent a big amount of time answering questions made by other technical teams about how to use the API we (the core team) developed. So in some ways it was a "personal business requirement" even if it was not officially sponsored by my company. From the day I released the project in our internal network I got much less requests from other tech teams and I could dedicate effort to the "real business requirements" of the project we were working on.

From that time I have changed two companies and now I don't have neither official nor unofficial support to dedicate time to JSONDoc. I am not a freelance, meaning that I can't take time off my official job. I am employed, so my priority (and my duty) is the company that hired me and that actually gives me a salary. I am doing the best I can to work on JSONDoc in the evenings or lunch breaks, or on the train on my way home, but as you can imagine, after a day at work and with all the usual life stuff to manage I don't always have the strength to start up Eclipse again :)

The project is open source and I don't earn any money from that, and as I said I have limited free time... and time is money :)

Those are the reasons why improvements, bugfixes and new features are so slowly released. I just want to make clear that I did not abandon the project and even if you don't see it, I am working on open issues and on stuff people is asking by email. So, if you really need that bug to be fixed or that new feature to be implemented you can do in these ways:

- fork the project and basically do what you want with it


- submit a new issue or send me an email explaining what you need, so that we can discuss it together
- implement what has been discussed in a TDD way
- submit a pull request and check travis-ci for green light

Please, be aware that I will not consider pull requests with compilation errors or with no attached unit tests.

When will the next version be released?

For the reasons explained above I can not give a precise time estimation on that: since I don't know how much time I can dedicate to the project I can't say anything about its release date. So, feel free to ask, but do not expect a date as an answer, but instead I'll probably say something about the status of the work or a rought and unreliable "soon" answer :)

Version 1.2.23 | Licensed under MIT License

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